Journalism provides people with the maps they need to navigate society. Since information is power, I believe that our maps should represent everybody and be accessible to all, to be read by many.

I’m Winny de Jong, a journalist who interviews data tables instead of people. Winny Media is my company of one. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a journalist. Now in my early thirties, I can honestly say I’ve been in journalism half my life.

My very first big investigation was life-changing in multiple ways: I found my birthparents and learned I am a researcher at heart. It led me on the path of investigative journalism, later specializing in data-driven reporting.

Before joining the Dutch public news broadcast NOS as the sole data journalist, I worked at OneWorld, the Dutch magazine that brings the world to your doorstep.

In the past I’ve taught at journalism colleges and master studies in both Belgium and The Netherlands. My teaching mostly focusses on data literacy, data-driven investigative reporting, and data analysis using tools like spreadsheets and Python programming.

I’ve shared my ideas and lessons learned at conferences like NICAR, the CIJ Summer Conference, the Smart News Design conference, TEDxYouth Delft, and many more.

My thoughts on journalism have been featured at the Nieman Lab, the Dutch Journalism Fund (SVDJ), and the Data Journalism Handbook, among other publications. As part of their committee on investigative reporting, I advice the Dutch Fund for In-depth Journalism (FBJP).

I also created Datajournalism.Tools - a quick, beginner-friendly guide to find tools to analyse and visualise data; Als Het Ongeveer Maar Klopt - a Dutch webpage that explains basic math; and multiple free, online courses like Python for Journalists.

Every Sunday I collect the best of the web for data journalists in a newsletter, which is both free and fun. You are very welcome to join us:

Download my media and event bios and high-resolution photos here.