Next to my work for the Dutch newspaper NRC and a data journalism listicle called, I try to keep busy. Here are some highlights of the work I've done in the last couple years.





  • About data journalism..., a hour-long interview (Dutch) on the field of journalism and its challenges and benefits, Argos Radio, 2019;
  • 4 disclaimers and this thing I think I know about newsdesign, Smart News Design Conference, 2017;
  • Spreek jij al data?, a plea in Dutch for more critical, data literate thinking for 300+ teenagers, TEDxYouth@Delft, 2015.



  • Data Journalism Public Choice Award 2019, awarded for the This is how thin you have to be, to become a high fashion model video, NOS, 2018.
  • Nomination Mercur Brandinnovation of the Year 2015, nominated for the OneWorld Data Atlas, OneWorld, 2015.