Medium-close portrait of Winny wearing a suit standing in an empty office
 Krista van den Akker

Hi! I’m Winny de Jong, a journalist who interviews data tables next to people. Winny Media is my company of one. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a journalist. Now in my early thirties, I can honestly say I’ve been in journalism half my life.

Before joining the Dutch newspaper NRC, I worked at the public news broadcast NOS as the sole data journalist. Earlier even I worked at OneWorld magazine. In the past I’ve also taught at journalism colleges and have shared my ideas and lessons learned at many conferences.

Despite, or maybe because of, being a data journalist, I believe everything that truly matters – in a story, in journalism and in life at large - not to fit in a dataset. On a similar note, I also think life is not a pizza.

Every Sunday I collect the best of the web for data journalists in a newsletter, which is both free and fun. You are very welcome to join us:

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